Toddler Program


Toddler Child Care in Brampton

Toddler Program

Toddler 18 months – 30 months (Ratio: 1 Educator to 5 toddlers):

At Akal Child Care, our Toddler Program will help your toddler build a strong foundation for language development, self-help skills, social awareness, and problem-solving skills.  We strongly believe that the early years are a critical time as children begin to develop their identities as learners. Children are naturally curious and very eager to learn. It is important that we foster their inquisitive nature and their desire to be curious. By doing so we are laying a foundation for a love of learning and providing them the tools they will need to be lifelong learners. Our activities are all play-based, fun, hands-on, and interactive for our young learners.

Our Toddler Program includes: